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Jun 14, 2016
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Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!

  • Why is it that when I want to see someone's snap it plays for a second then skips it & it repeats this continuously I've tried everything uninstalling, logging out, Etc. Nothing works...Smh

  • It's a good update..but why are the videos fast forwarded? Maybe it's my stupid phone, but I can't even view other people's snap videos without it lasting for 1 millisecond!!! Sort it out!

  • If snapchat would let other people view your memories and you could see the people who saw each picture.

  • For those of you freaking out about "why don't I have all the features on iPhone?" STOP! You have to understand that iPhones and androids work differently. You can't just copy and paste a feature across operating systems. There are some things that are not possible to make work across all the different android phones there are. If you want it so bad go program it yourself or switch to an iPhone.

  • Back to not getting messages now for 12hrs after they're sent since the interface was changed and all those stories/news articles went back in. I'd like the option to not have that. Maybe do a basic free app and a premium with all that junk in it.

  • When I use the new upload feature my picture goes side ways or upside down. When ever I view someone else snap their upload is the correct way.

  • I love the app, but since the last few updates, all my videos play in slow motion. I googled some ways to fix and says to uninstall the recent updates. Is there an option or better way to fix this issue?

  • It's good, I mean I don't really have a problem with it, only thing is... I don't like how one week they're there, then they get deleted and new ones come out, like, can't you keep the old ones AND keep new ones instead of getting rid of them, because then people have a better range of snap filters, I hope you take this request, thanks.

  • Every time I open the app, either it's laggy or closed the app saying 'unfortunately Snapchat has stopped', this is really annoyed please fix this. Otherwise everything is AMAZING!!

  • Bring back the old while doing video. It turns out flipped i dont like it.

  • Love the direction and vision SC is going with the photo gallery and memories update but the photos are getting flipped upside down and lots of other little glitches with editing and trying to get photos uploaded from gallery. Will get back to 5 stars after fixed. Thanks.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 active and there is a flaw in the video playback. Whenever you take video comma during the preview the speed is normal. However comma up on sharing and display back, it is automatically slow down to a halt. A major bug somewhere.

  • So for the memories thing Snapchat won't allow me to add any snaps into my stories, everytime I try it crashes. My story won't even move on from my first snap. Please fix.

  • I updated the app and it unfriended my whole friend list. It keeps crashing saying Snapchat has stopped, this sucks. It won't even let me do the camera switch and it won't let me get some filters.

  • Why the makers of snapchat dont give users the choice to keep or remove the live feeds on there because alot of people dont care for it we want to see our own and friends snaps not cosmopolitan and espns and mtvs videos

  • the app closes on it's own in 10 seconds everytime I open it. Its only been happening since the last two updates. Please fix.

  • So each time u update n my filters still dont work im takin a star away. i cant use my filters on my samsung galaxy s3. i like the app but till i can use my filters i have tried to hold my face i was holdin for 10 min n no filters popped up

  • When I upload a complete story to memories it's viewed backwards. From the last snap of the story to the first. Is this meant to happen? I feel as if it's not.

  • Okay, so a new problem is when I go to look at peoples stories or even my own it'll play a bit of a video then it'll cut to the next snap, it's been doing this for a while now. Also, the problem that I still have is that I cannot take a picture when the flash is on using the back camera. Please fix this. My phone is a ZTE ZMAX Z970 v1

  • None of my snaps or messages will send, I've been told it doesn't even show I've opened it. Please fix this immediately as it's made the app impossible to use